luni, 13 ianuarie 2014

STOPS on Ukraina ART-KRUG Cartoon CONTEST II. Politicians of Ukraine and Europe. III. True humanity is primarily care about people.                                                                                                                                                             
Attention! Began 3й the International competition of a caricature and cartoons "Ukrainian choice".
   The III International competition of a  cartoons and caricatures within the International festival of arts "Gogol
   fantasy", is devoted to a difficult choice of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian power with a subject:
   "Ukrainian choice. Ukraine – the European Union"
   Organizer: The international festival of arts "Gogol - a fantasy" (Kherson), Red Cross of Ukraine
  Competition jury.
Vladimir Kazanevsky – the Chairman jury/Kiev, Ukraine                                                                                                    Konstantin Bashkirov/Kharkov, Ukraine. Red Cross of Ukraine                                                                                      Tomasz Woloszyn / Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany.                                                                                               Nikolay Arnaudov/Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Andrzej Granzhyak/Warsaw, Poland.
Yuli Rybakov/St.Petersburg, Russia.
Valery Kruhov/Kherson, Ukraine.
Competition subjects
I.  Ukrainian choice.  Ukraine – the European Union.
II. Politicians of Ukraine and Europe. Competition of cartoons.
III. True humanity is primarily care about people. Drawing should reflect the principles of the International movement          of Red Cross and Red Crescent.
Drawing should contain   logo of Ukrainian Red Cross.